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Geoffrey A. Smith MD ENT Interview - Hear from this Expert

Episode Summary

Today's interview with Geoffrey A. Smith, MD ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor covers a lot of ground. So sit back and learn from one of the world's experts in archaeology, medicine, and is a hearing aid wearer for the last 57 years. He acquired hearing loss due to the loud noise where he was the keyboard performer in a high school band. He did not let hearing loss stop him from pursuing his dream of being a doctor. He is the proud owner of antique hearing aids, ancient artifacts relating to hearing loss for keeping people happy in their afterlife with "Answers" hearing the names to keep those with hearing loss engaged, and a person who created the swimmer's ear surgical procedure for surfers. Plus, a Sharp Rees-Stealy Hospital physician for over 40 years. Your time will be well spent. He currently working on getting legislation passed, so that those with the possibility of hearing loss can go directly to a Doctor of Audiology. Who is trained to recognize underlying medical conditions with a referral to an ENT? Making the process of Medicare simpler for the hearing test. It's important to let your doctor know if you have a hearing loss. Dr. Smith recommends you go to a person trained in the medical field like an AuD or ENT. rather than someone that practices "Algorithm Medicine". That's checking the box's medical care. He also said, that most physicians do not recognize the signs of hearing loss and only become aware of it if a family member speaks up. Courses will be available soon on the Hearing Awareness Academy for how to recognize someone with hearing loss for better inclusion and stigma removal. Dr. Smith goes on to address how he resolved his tinnitus symptoms with Oticon hearing aids. Check with your hearing care specialist. And, hear how you can help Americans Help Asian Children Non-Profit where 100% of your donation goes helping them get hearing aids and better access. And, be part of the hearing awareness community.

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